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tv   Headline News  RT  August 27, 2017 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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yeah mr john oliver of hearty americans do the same we are apparently better than the food that i see people you've never heard of love back to the night my president of the world bank so kate was really. seriously send us an e-mail. children who've been stranded in iraq of the united with their loved ones in russia after an arty appeal for their safe return we meet two sisters now trying to adjust to a normal life. but she says her parents are. the wise. victory at a price the iraqi army says it's recaptured one of the last strongholds but human rights groups fear for the fate of civilians in the city of. turns on his repeated pledge to quit afghanistan with his new strategy showing no
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sign of a withdrawal plan local say no one is safe when the u.s. drones arrive. from the. u.s. open ration. later they said they had killed or. internationals we wrap up the biggest stories as reported here over the past seven days and first about appeal which is not a great response. five children from southern russia who were stranded in iraq have now been reunited with their families it's believed that the youngsters were taken to iraq by their parents who were killed while fighting for i still film the children in a baghdad orphanage where they were taken after the liberation of mosul we've also been helping to find other relatives in russia among the five children are two
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sisters. and what they went through is heartbreaking. more than i could i said your. preferred some. magical. epic god damn thing all. artes for saddam i have traveled to dagestan to see how those two little girls are now adapting to life back home tears of joy and relief the very evident at the
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plane carrying five children from iraq landed in grozny but for the families waiting with stories and balloons there was also the question how to help these children some to some the maillot see through witness the chorus of i still the loss of their parents and being left all alone in to bug out orphanage. for their little sister had vision and for thema bases and other thing of the past here is then your home and their family has a great to share their first day together with us the girls found the perfect remedy in their grandfather plenty of sweets and friends to play with this is had these are and she's clearly the leads of the pack it seems to cruising experience of football's own has made her even stronger for team zero six comfort in the arms of her granddad who seems just too afraid to part with her again even for
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a moment it looks like the perfect family image a house filled with children's love to cries plenty of noise and fussing about it takes a while to realize what's missing. she saw everything but she says her parents are alive why would i tell her otherwise. and yet even with all the love and care the has to offer his granddaughters there are still many rooms left on here. today under the guise of the three days without food or water in a dusty dirty basement she told me when there were bombs they would go to basement and when she sees a helicopter now she's terrified and i tell her not to be afraid you know what i was opening an ice cream the other day and i have a habit of opening the wrapper by popping it i did it once and she jumped as if she'd had an explosion. in the.
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conflict is the creation of adults but it's often children who pay the heaviest price while country it's even thousands of youngsters who remain trapped and lost in what appears to be the ruins of a self-proclaimed caliphate at the asia and foot sea along with a few lucky ones who escaped well now hopefully learn how to be happy children but i'm on the other children returning to their families this week was nine year old mary and she was injured and very fragile when taken in by the orphanage in baghdad another is arlie whose art was among the first to contact us he's only three years old just like you can see here his relatives say he's already bridge us to everyday life back home. iraqi military says it's retaken the strategically important town of tal afar one of the last islamic state strongholds in the country but the u.s. backed offensive has come at a heavy cost for civilians. about
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operation started a week ago i saw militants have dropped back from telephone but they still hold they have by territory where i guess they have reports from that. we're at the airport telephone mia five kilometers from the city itself where the operation to liberate is under way this actually serves as a sort of said sold base serving the entire operation and soldiers from the front lines they come here to rest and to eat before heading back there exultant they say that the operation is almost over they've actually even got a message for isis. i have a massive leave they are world now you have no place here will hunt you down wherever you are there jubilation however is
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a stark odds with what the people of talent have gone through what it was miserable we were under occupation imagine that and you know they turned the mosques into prisons there were thirty to forty people there we don't know what happened to them they demanded that molests recruited young people to join eisel and when they refused they locked them up there was no interest in no food nothing to eat we were almost dying there was no work and no man to sing my kidneys have almost failed it's been three years without medicine or anything tens of thousands of iraqi soldiers were mobilized for this operation the u.s. led coalition has brought to bear its full mice its people fleeing from california and more than thousand thirty. thousand have escaped from the city escaped from the fighting they had to brave walking through the you put in deserts which is all there is here for ten twenty hours to get to safety to find water to find food
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medicine medical supplies and indeed treatment and from what we've heard many of them didn't make it but the commander of the operation he spoke to us and he said they expect to be done in another four days. everyone thought deliberation would be difficult and we would be two months the deliberations room is complete another interesting development that we've learned of is that on the twenty fifth of august four hundred families of isis fighters were let out of the city the details are murky and nobody knows exactly what happened but the commander of the operation and he previously was the chief of the mosul operation he told us that indeed this had happened he confirmed it but again without details and what about the four hundred families that escaped that escaped. did you fail to catch them up did you let them do for humanitarian reasons. we have
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a system we handed all the refugees to the iraqi government and they handle them. still the battle in telephone is far from over from what the soldiers tell us most of the civilians have managed to get out and managed to flee nevertheless there are still thousands of people trapped in a shrinking area where isis still holds sway and where they still haven't been defeated and they have a terrifying few days ahead of them. right next to some of donald trump's remarks he's accused pakistan this week of making the conflict in afghanistan worse his claims now seem to have made protests break out in pakistan's largest city here's what he said they are housing the very terrorists that we are fighting. but that will have to change it is time for pakistan to demonstrate its commitment to civilization order and to peace. pakistan give a swift response pointing out how the country suffered severely from terrorism
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itself the foreign ministry also added that from statement ignores the sacrifices made by pakistanis in tackling terrorism besides the harsh remarks concerning pakistan on monday trump announced his new strategy for the war in afghanistan and it marked a complete u. turn on his election promise main idea is that u.s. troops will be staying in the country and those administration hinted at a boost in troop numbers he chose to keep the exact figure secret from also wants nato allies to put more troops and money in the pot to the president's new plan no provides no time frame for withdrawal signaling a move away from that campaign promise to get boots on the ground out of the country we will also expand authority for american armed forces to target the terrorists and criminal networks afghanistan is a total and complete disaster let's get with it get out of afghanistan the president being dismissive of his predecessor barack obama's approach to the afghan conflict as you just heard from call for a speedy withdrawal while condemning the loss of american lives and money we've been asking locals in afghanistan for their views. how did you go you couldn't
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american and afghan forces carry out operations at night sometimes their intelligence reports are inaccurate civilians including women and children get killed. that it was understood that there was a doctor as a horse sulu's hit by a drone strike and another man was on his way home when he was killed by. the power of the u.s. operation into the house and so schoolboy they shot him dead later they said they had killed a taliban finds before they left they blew up the entire building. and the u.s. strategy for afghanistan comes amid a shakeup and donald trump in a circle has cut him open reports the president's foreign policy decisions with his new team might surprise his supporters so you want to be an american president what gets you aleck to it is it pledges of more wars or the opposite we've been moving from one reckless intervention to another kinda libya syria iraq iran this
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destructive cycle bad decisions we cannot be the policeman of the world whole show that promises a peace were key for trump voters more than half of americans said they would prefer that the next president curb u.s. involvement in military conflicts and trump isn't the only president to have gotten the job of writing hopes of peace even as we confront a vicious adversary that abides by no rules i believe the united states of america must remain a standard bearer in the conduct of war. that is what makes us different from those whom we fight you got it they even gave obama the nobel peace prize preemptively but by the time he left office he had droned bombed and intervened even more than his predecessor many hoped that the donald would make a difference however it looks like he may be set on a similar track with words of love being replaced by war and i know you ordered a targeted new jersey strike or if you can see who we are sending
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an armada very powerful we have submarines very powerful we have many options for venezuela including a possible military option north korea best not make it work threats to the united states. they will be met with fire and fury. like the world has never see but thinking out of policy is pretty far from a one man job here are some of the people who help think out and develop trump strategy you know the one that got him elected well they're all gone except for one meanwhile the white house routinely invites people who have a pretty clear interest for wars to go on people voted for trump because they knew hillary clinton was a warmonger and that she had wanted to destabilize the middle east as she did with libya the people in charge of the white house are now jared cushion are trump gary
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gary cohen h.r. mcmaster paul douceur all very pro-war people and those are from close advisors i think that most people who support trump hope they keep to his promises but they do recognize that all of his closest advisors are now opposed to the agenda that got trampled elected yes the new team trump isn't exactly made up of peace mongers and it's pretty far from the vision that americans voted for caleb oppen r.t. new york we also former u.s. congressman ron paul about trump's comes to newton's. the world will come apart if we don't continue to be the world's policeman he says he's not into nation building but that was a pretense anyway how many nations that we can really build or improve we've torn nations apart so he is seen as a flip flopper which i think politically is a bad position to be. going to be perpetual
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war nobody knows exactly who the enemy is and nobody will know when it is ended i think trump has been maybe a little bit more up front his go isn't to get done in six months or a year it looks like he's planning to be there for the long term but has some real hope for syrian civilians india is or hundreds of i still militants are now out of the picture following a major operation nearby with the details of that for you next.
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coin saul's for trust it's a mathematical formula. think about all the institutions in your life that require trust you trust people on the road are going to be. professional and you trust the hospitals working in a trust third parties all day long point is the first international currency that doesn't require trust it just requires consensus to do. the protocol. would you not be buying into the protocol if you're getting. your watching central banks collapse. comes and goes and watching central banks crawl into their p. themselves and try. the syrian army backed by russian forces destroyed one of the most active islamic state groups in syria eight hundred militants were killed in the operation in the euphrates valley
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a large amount of heavy machine guns were destroyed along with tanks and artillery weapons that information's come to us from the russian defense ministry. it was all part of a wider strategy to break our blockade of the key city of dear resort the bottle itself actually took place near this village here to the north west of the resort is one of the terrorist last stronghold in the country the syrian army is advancing on multiple fronts to lift a three year long siege that is our middle east correspondent. it is very significant basically the taking of to you is all would point to the strategic defeat of islamic state in syria at this point on the ground they were major groups belonging to islamic states that are messing around the city so if the message there impartially is they are not going to give up without a fight it follows weeks of fighting between the syrian army that is being assisted by the russian air force and islamic state and in the past few weeks we have witnessed and number of breakthroughs that the syrian army is making against the
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terrorist organization. when there was a. story in the. arab. world. now there is or is a city that islamic states has completely surrounded it for the better part of three years there's only a small part of the city that is in the hands of the syrian army and they're completely blockaded there's no way in there's no way out and that's the reality for also for residents of the city if you can just imagine that this is a city that is home to some one hundred thousand people and for the last three
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years this has been their reality they are going to go about their work their boss out. a lot of. you know let's. look for the journey that any of morning i mean. now the defeat and the kicking out from syria of islamic state is a major challenge and is of course the major goal of the syrian army at the same time if we look at this particular city if islamic state was able to be defeated here it would be a major significant achievement by the syrian army because essentially islamic state finds his would be cut off from any kind of other military forces and also from major financial resources and sources for them and so it would signal the final chapter of islamic state in syria. going to merge in the past few
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hours that the number of deaths from the twin terror attack in spain ten days ago has risen to sixteen a german woman injured and barcelona has since died of her injuries in hospital on saturday evening a half a million people marched through that city following the tragedy with a message we are not afraid of crowds out the anti terror rally we're joined by king felipe but the major focus of the past week has been at the town of ripple where the terrorist cell was believed to have been radicalized peter all of a traveled there and talked to people who knew the suspect. radicalizing force they were radicalized by a moroccan born police now believe ripple was at the center of the plugs. this small spanish town took away in the foothills of the pyrenees is hardly what you think of as a hotbed of islamic terrorism but it was here in the fall that the terrorist cell which attacked barcelona recruited were indoctrinated and radicalized eventually
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going on to carry out their deadly mission. but it was here that the terrorists that rammed his truck into crowds of people in wasilla loner lived. the twenty two year old moroccan was gunned down on monday following it for day manhunt by authorities. why they were. local people here say they can't believe he lived within that community. they play football together on the beach nearby with other kids from the neighborhood they were brought up here. of course if. they were behind will happen round here can believe it the seem to be very nice people who will. be probably be
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roaming around but it's just. always saluted with a whole slew of things that the cell melted into a full society attending the local high school and being a fixture on local football fields so how did say seemingly quiet group of quiet teenage is a quiet town and is part of the jihad to sell the answers to that many are looking towards the mosque that they attended it's here that they're understood to have attended prayers led by our society who's been accused of being the. ringmaster behind. pointed the finger at him and now that's been reiterated by some of those accused of being part of the. have appeared in court but who will. see what do we know about the. national we
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know that he had a criminal past in front back in twenty ten he was sent to prison here in spain for his part in a drug smuggling operation and it's in jail where he is understood to have become radicalized in fact he's believed to have spent time with those who plotted and carried out the dread bombings we also know that back in twenty sixteen he spent time in belgium around the time of the bombings on the metro the airports in brussels. he is believed to have been killed it was announced by authorities that his d.n.a. was found at the site of a bomb making factory did exploded in at the moment the authorities are writing that off as that his potential weapons of death course him out in the end. as the investigation continues arrests continue to be made including that of the
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owner of an internet cafe the suspected members of the terrorist cell and no into a frequent it begs the question just how many of a small communities like this could potentially be harboring fatal terrorist cells peter all of. these are the twelve suspected members of the terrorist cell that came from believed to be from the moroccan community there of a similar age the eldest was twenty two and the youngest was just seventeen a radicalized teenagers are not a new phenomenon as you might know last year a sixteen year old syrian boy was arrested on suspicion of plotting a bomb attack in the german city of cologne paris a fifteen year old boy was arrested on suspicion of planning an attack there political analyst says islam is a nowadays can hide practically anywhere. this shows us that we have prejudice some
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of whom these are radical islamists are others not just people growing in the suburbs of our town in the golden globes outside of the posh city centers we can find them anywhere in europe in society today know it in small villages which would seem religious nobody would talk about it ripples very picturesque village and i know catalonia and even there we have islamist bases i think that this shows how widespread this established movement or trend is in europe today it's much bigger than what people thought and it can be actually anywhere. a movement to take down statues of confederate heroes another controversial figures has gained momentum in the united states it all started in charlottesville and the state of virginia violence broke out there two weeks ago when a rally in support of the monument of a confederate general was met with a counter protest since then several monuments have been destroyed or covered up in other parts of the country although sometimes the targets are questionable.
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i don't care if the george washington or thomas jefferson statue or rather it is a statue of a fallen into combat. e.s.p.n.
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executives have decided that a play by play announcer robert levy will not be in the broadcast booth for next saturday's college football season opener because of the similarity between his name and the famed confederate icon. this is a perfect example of what kind of a lunacy our country is going through connally's rice said it beautifully these are not these this is our history right and what the left is engaging is a storable revisionism this is the reality for better or for worse of what the u.s. it was in its most of our founding fathers were slave owners right they were
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participating in the evil of slavery so it's i mean we have tear them down so we take washington off the one dollar bill it's a teachable moment when you walk in with your kids to the south and you see a mine at the jefferson davis or whoever it might be it's a moment to sit with your child to reflect a what was and how we move from it i think we're heading to a very dark place and it scares me quite a bit that's the way clay i'll have you next edition in about half an hour don't forget you can keep up to date with the news any time twenty four seven just download the r.t.m. . the two thousand and eight economic crisis turn some countries into page. these are the countries with weaker economies that needed austerity policies if you are in a situation of low gloat even the recession austerity is a very bad idea it doesn't work and it makes median. people are very unhappy those who are unemployed see their wages decline off to almost
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a decade how good are the results she saw all of the new york city's will by the people gathered in greece to watch her old get people to see what you are doing. they believe will be she is at the top climate was i mean to for legal. challenge nothing more than this she did not i was always think it she somehow they cannot get it. while the same measure is still in place who one of the consequences is to weaken blue bird flu this movie will first be one of the suits the truth the consumer is the consequences are actually quite acceptable to the decision. makers manufacture consent instant of public wealth. when the ruling classes.


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